Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nolan Ryan vintage stuff

I've never been a Ryan fan but I happen to have at least 20 different cards of the old man stuffed in a binder somewhere but all of them of the 90's and is that growing up back then I never thougt as possible getting for my PC any of his 70's or not even early 80's cards and not specially in a flea market.

But I managed to get these 3 babies a couple of months ago and without furhther intro here they are:


  1. That's awesome. I love old Nolan Ryan cards, particularly the 1971 (black border). I'm kind of in the same situation. Some how I ended up with almost all of Ryan's cards except that 1969 Topps, which I can;t bring my self to purchasing.

  2. Back in high school(a.k.a. the Panini sticker days) one of my best friends owned a copy of the black border Ryan and he used to brag about it every single day.

    About the '69 Ryan, I've never seen it in person so when I finally get my hands on one, it's going to be a Lou Gehrig lucky type of day.