Friday, December 5, 2008

Carl Yastre$%*& my first vintage card

Long time but I'm back. Trying to catch up on some late work so I haven't given much love to my cards lately.

Back in 1994, just after 2 years collecting baseball cards with some pals, one of my friends from highschool shoved in our face a bunch of 1970's cards of people we had no fuc**** idea who they were.

That same afternoon I ran into my uncle, the only serious baseball player in my family, and asked him about this Yastre$%&*& guy. He was amazed I've actually seen that card and encouraged me to get it for trade which I did. So, a Casio watch rubber protector and $10pesos later I had my first vintage card.

And that's the thing about collecting, certain items in your PC my worth near nothing on the books but mean a hell lot to you.

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