Saturday, August 30, 2008

Flea Market Adventures. How it all began

Welcome to my "Flea Market Adventures" from now on FMA. This blog is intended to share my weekly trips to some local flea markets looking for vintage baseball cards and any cool sports memorabilia I can find without loosing my gas money or getting divorce.
Some important notes about this blog:
  • I live in the Dominican Republic.
  • NO hobby stores here in DR. I get all my boxes and supplies from Blowout Cards and Ebay.
  • I'm tired of today's no secondary market value products and recently decided to chase vintage affordable stuff. Also I have a theory: There have to be some good cards around because this country loves baseball more than politics. I'll keep looking and see what happens.
  • Low budget my friends. Cheap, damaged, weird, creased, spitted, chewed (don't give me that look, you never know) its what I'll pay for and that's how far 40cents per card will take me unless noted.
Just in case one of you guys needs any of the cards I'll find, I DON'T TRADE OR SELL because the shipping rates will kill us cause there's no regular and reliable postal service here in my country. In case it's a white whale situation just email me and we'll work it out.

Feedback will always be welcome.