Sunday, February 8, 2009

My second Marichal on the way, and he's not alone

Today I feel like talking about the best Dominican pitcher who has ever thrown from a MLB mound and our only HOF so far, none other that Juan Marichal. During my FMA I've been able to pick only 1 card from " el Monstruo de Laguna Verde" (The Green Lagoon Monster) town where he was born. 

Don Juan is not a difficult person to spot here in the DR and he happens to be a nice guy. A couple of years ago he served as Sports Minister for the country but that's another story. 

You wouldn't imagine Mr. Barry Bonds coming to the DR for Marichal's charity golf tournament every single year but even BB never skips this event. 

Yesterday I purchased on Fleabay my 2nd Marichal car and guess what, he's not coming home alone because his long time rival W. Spahn will be joining. I'll blog about it next week when the baby has been delivered.

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