Sunday, October 19, 2008

My only Mays... LAMINATED!!!

And there it was... Willy, yes, Willy. Battling, furious, World Series, 1973, Willy. 10-7 final score. Buth then, disaster striked: LAMINATED!! and you have to see how proud was this "genius" owner of his creativity to conservate the card. It was like the "brilliant" Guiness beer adds and not the "beer table" one.

But what could I've said, anyway I was going to buy this card even if it had been run over by Gengis Kan ghetto crew. It was my first and so far only Mays. DOP$15 dominican pesos later (.20c USD) I was on my way home with some other finds I'll talk about on a later post. 

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