Monday, November 9, 2009

That guy could run: Bert Campaneris

The all time latino stolen base leader, Bert Campaneris is one of those guys who amazingly does not get much attention from the hobby. If you ebay his name you'll come up with less than 70 results and surprisingly none of them is a triple threads, sterling, etc, etc, used/symbolic piece.

When you look at his stats you'll see he ran away with 649 bases and lasted 19 seasons.

Great stealer and not from Pittsburgh, he's guilty of batting more than 279 only twice and having a whooping 259 all time batting average. Imagine Bert with at least a 280 average and therefore more opportunities to fly around the bases.

I'm proud to own...


  1. The man has three World Series Championship rings. That's a hell of lot more than most. Love the well loved 1966 KC A's card.

  2. Campy, was a player from a different era. My favorite card is from the 1973 Topps Set, the game 7 world series card. His career was odd that in 1970 he hit like 22 home runs and never had double digits in any other year in his career

  3. Back when I found the 1966 card I was starting my flea market adventures and had no idea who Campaneris was, I just liked the card and bought it for a couple of cents.

  4. I've never seen then 1973 world series version in person but damn! it looks nice. He did have an odd career. Later I'll blog about another one intriguing for me, Maury Wills.